What does leverage mean?

Leverage is the ration of margin to borrowed amount. Basically 1:200 leverage means that in order to open a trade you need to have 200 times less assets than the amount of trade. With us you can choose leverage starting as low as [insert leverage].

Can I at some point owe money to you?

No. With TorexFX such situation is excluded.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

Minimal deposit you need with TorexFX is [insert amount].

Is there any difference between demo and live trading?

There is no difference. What you see in your demo account in 100% accurate with what you are going to see in live trading. The only difference is that with demo all of your assets are virtual and you can’t withdraw your gains as they are practically non-existence.

How do I calculate the amount of margin per trade?

Margin is equal to the volume of the trade divided by the leverage. The trade volume is usually equal to $10.000 multiplied by the amount of lots and by the exchange rate of a base currency in a pair to the USD. The base currency is the first in a currency pair. For example, GBP/USD – the base currency is GBP and the exchange rate of a trade is equal to the GBP/USD exchange rate. So when the GBP/USD exchange rate equals 1.4956 in a 2 lot trade with the 1:100 leverage, the margin will be 10000 * 2 * GBP/USD/100 = $299.12.

Can I change the leverage?

You can change you leverage by simple talking to our support team. They will guide you through the whole process.

I forgot/want to change my password. Can you help me?

You can change your password by applying to our Support Service with the following information: account number, phone password and your new chosen password (from 6 to 12 symbols in Latin letters).
If you have forgotten or lost your password, please contact the Customer Support Service by e-mail [email protected] attach a scanned copy of your ID or valid drivers’ license and describe the situation providing the account number. Your password will be recovered or changed at your choice.

Do you have fees for depositing to my account?

No, we do not have any fees for depositing. But note that you can be charged with fees by your bank.

What minimal amount can I withdraw?

You can request withdrawal of any amount. There is no minimal limit. The only exception to this rule is the bank wire withdrawal where the minimal amount is $300. Please, also pay attention to the fees that your bank can charge for this kind of operation.

What is the process of account verification? Can I trade with unverified account?

You can verify your account any time it is suitable for you. Verification does not influence monetary operations, so you are welcome to trade even with unverified account.
Verification takes up to 72 hours. You need to provide any ID documents – ID card, driving license, plus utility bills for the past two months.

An email sent to me says that my documents were not accepted. What do I do?

There can be a numbers of reason of why that could happen: copy of the documents was of a bad quality; sent documents are unsuitable for us (there is no photo or ID is expired). You need to provide the documents of suitable quality.

There was an error screen while I was providing the documents.

In case you see an error screen while applying you need to contact out support team and describe your problem to our specialists. You can also try and apply for verification from another web browser.

How much can I earn if I start trading Forex with minimal deposit?

Your earning depends solely on the level of your experience and knowledge. There is no way to tell how much and how fast you are going to earn.

When does stock exchange work?

Trading sessions open on Sunday at 22:00 (GMT 00:00) and close at the same time on Friday.